This Firefighter Saved His Fiancée’s Wedding Dress From Hurricane Harvey


First responders are truly selfish people when natural disaster’s like Hurricane Harvey hit. They are out doing their job while others are trying to get their life together. Firefighter Kyle Parry knows this firsthand.

His home in Lumberton, Texas is completely in shambles after the hurricane. He hasn’t been able to return home until today, because he’s bee rescuing people from the rising waters. He knew it was going to be awhile before he would be able to return home so he prepared accordingly. Thankfully he did because his home was practically submerged.


Last week, while water was rushing into their home, Kyle started to salvage some belongings before leaving to go help. He put his fiancée, Stephanie Hoekstra’s wedding dress on the highest shelf in their house and prayed it wouldn’t get ruined. He then saved their dogs and puppies and left to save others from their homes.

Kyle finally returned home and was wading through the water in their house. The water was up to his chest. Most of the couples belongings were lost, including other things they purchased for their upcoming wedding.

When Kyle finally got to where he stashed Stephanie’s dress he was worried it would be ruined. But luckily the dress was just above the water line in their house and was in perfect condition. He was able to bring it back to the fire station and tell Stephanie the good news. She was in her home in Canada waiting to hear back.


The couple’s friend posted a GoFundMe for Kyle so he can rebuild his life.  He literally lost everything, like most people who got hit by the hurricane. In five days the couple surpassed their goal of $8,000 by a few thousand dollars.

The couple was supposed to get married on September 10. They are postponing their wedding for right now to focus on rebuilding their lives after Hurricane Harvey. Stephanie told CNN, “We love each other so much. We’ll get married another day. We’ll be OK.”

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