According To The Internet, Kevin Jonas Is Hot Now

Over time, a lot of things change. We’ve traded contouring and heavy makeup for minimal looks, thrown out our flared jeans in favor of skinnies and of course, we decided to ditch Jonathan in favor of Steve Harrington. Change is natural and good.

In the case of Kevin Jonas, change was much-welcome, to put it kindly.

Known for being the more… um, homely Jonas Brother, Kevin has officially transformed from a nerdy little JoBro to a full-on JOSEPH DADDY. He went from an awkward, borderline teenager with a neck beard to a man with a suave haircut and a look rivaling that of his younger sibs, Joe and Nick.

This is the internet, which means that nothing is true until Buzzfeed declares it and now they’ve given their official endorsement.

Hot Kevin made his public, official debut at his brother Joe and soon-to-be sister Sophie Turner’s engagement party.

That said, it seems like we’re all late to the party, because King Kevin has been making moves on Insta for a long time.

He lifts now, people. He. Lifts.

Kevin Jonas is the official embodiment of the fact that sometimes change is good. And we didn’t even have to go to the year 3000 to accept it.

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