Put On Your Reading Glasses Because Twitter’s 280 Character Update Is Here

Millennials’ brains are now conditioned to think, write and tweet in 140 characters or less. But now, everything has changed. Everyone’s tweet character limit is 280 and it’s making users’ brains short circuit. What will they use an extra 140 characters for? How will society un-condition itself from 140 characters to 280 characters? Will Twitter ever have a useful update?

No one ever thought Twitter’s biggest update would be doubling the amount of allotted characters. Sure maybe a character increase of 20 or 40, but another 140? That’s insane especially when users, including Kim Kardashian, are BEGGING Twitter to add an edit feature.

Reading 280 character tweets feel like you’re back in ninth grade English reading an assigned Shakespeare play. The word count is just too damn high! To protest this inane update, users some have just straight up said they refuse to use all 280 characters.

While others have been tweeting out monologues, ridiculously formatted tweets or just the good ole reliable key smash. Twitter is pure chaos right now.







Seriously, Twitter what are you doing?

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