This Couple Made A Poetry Book About Famous Vines


Vine, the app that changed and shaped a whole generation is unfortunately not with us anymore. The six-second video platform is still talked about and vine compilation videos are continuously watched on other sites like YouTube.

When Adam Gasiewski and Emily Beck, a couple who are freshmen at Temple University, got the idea to make a poetry book based on viral vines they knew it would be a hit.

They got the poetry format from a famous poetry book by Rupi Kaur called milk and honey. It’s a well-known poetry book that is super popular on the internet. Appropriately Adam and Emily named their book about vines, milk and vine. They even structured the poems to look similar to Kaur’s. If you didn’t know you would think milk and vine was actually milk and honey.

According to BuzzFeed, they self-published the book on Amazon and when the final product was done Adam tweeted out a little teaser for the book.

His tweet quickly picked up on Twitter because so many people love the book. It combines the humor of vine and a real live parody of milk and honey, which is its own meme.

People are actually buying milk and vine and loving the concept.

So many people have actually purchased milk and vine that it’s the #1 New Release in American Literature on Amazon.

The sales of milk and vine have every surpassed milk and honey on the international best selling list. This is too meta. It’s currently sitting at a cushy number one best selling book in the world.

But success doesn’t come without the haters. Many people were quick to point out that the vines that Adam and Emily used in their book are not their original intellectual property.

Milk and vine cost less than three dollars, so get your copy quick before some viners sue Emily and Adam.

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