How People Have Responded To Louis CK Being Outed As A Sexual Predator

The New York Times

The New York Times has recently published an article of five women’s accounts of being sexually harassed or abused by comedian Louis CK. All accounts are either of Louis CK masturbating in front of the women, asking to masturbate in front of them or masturbating while on a phone call with them. All of this was not consensual, inappropriate and harassment and assault.

Louis CK’s vile behavior wasn’t a secret, much like Kevin Spacey’s or Harvey Weinstein’s, but it was always denied and the repercussions for talking about it were noticeable.

People were anticipating that the article would be disgraceful because Louis CK’s camp started preparing for it in obvious ways. First, he canceled his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and second the premiere of his film I Love You, Daddy was canceled.

The reactions to the article and claims are a mixture of anger and happiness that he is finally being held accountable for his actions. People have also noted how Louis CK’s past stand up has hinted at aggressive behavior.

It’s sad that it took this long for people to believe the allegations against Louis CK but at least it has finally happened.

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