People Are Sharing Their Favorite Celebrity Encounters & They Will Warm Your Heart



Ever since the New York Times article about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and harassment was published an onslaught of other abusers in Hollywood have been brought to light. Every day a new person has come forward and said someone had harassed or assaulted them.

Needless to say, it’s been a lot. Not only have all the allegations shown how toxic Hollywood is, but it’s also very triggering for people who have survived harassment and assault.

Because the news has been so heavy, Twitter user @Bakkooonn tweeted asking people to share nice allegations of celebrities.

if anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too. does a famous actor give good christmas presents. does lady comedian alwyays smoke people out

— BAKOAN (@BAKKOOONN) November 9, 2017

The crazy but endearing story starting rolling in and they will make your day. Some stories would start a whole new thread of nice things that person has done. Just proving even more that they are great people.

all of the 6 lead actors on the good place are unbelievably kind, cordial, and complimentary, in addition to being way funny & talented

— demi adejuyigbe (@electrolemon) November 10, 2017

Nathan fillion is amazing and often gets food truck service and similar as thanks to the production crews on shows/etc he appears in

— The Sixler (@Thesixler) November 10, 2017

David Tennant not only graciously accepted an academic paper from a random fan in the Richard II stage door line but actually read it and sent me an appreciative note about it

— the cold genius (@angevin2) November 9, 2017

I once saw Matt Pinfield in Times Square in the early 2000s and my instinct was to offer him a closed fist pound and he pounded me back and kept on walking

— Large Big (@rudetanks) November 10, 2017

i got to meet pete postlethwaite backstage after watching him do king lear. when i congratulated him on his performances he smiled warmly and tickled me on the belly before wandering off

— hurtdeer hurtdeer hurtdeer hurtdeer hurtdeer hurtd (@hurtdeer) November 9, 2017

Lou Diamond Phillips stuck up for me against a really rude customer at a coffee cart I used to work at

— Egadsden🌹 (@itspronounced48) November 9, 2017

Bruce Springsteen was incredibly nice. Doug Jones too. Michael Berryman from Hills Have Eyes bought Buffy comics from my buddy's comic shop.

— Arron James (@ArronJamesMusic) November 9, 2017

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman let me stay with them when my mom was in the hospital for cancer surgeries

— Mara “Get Rid of the Nazis” Wilson (@MaraWilson) November 10, 2017

Will Forte is the kindest and best human I have ever met. Method Man rules too, and he smells FANTASTIC all the time.

— Peter Atencio (@Atencio) November 9, 2017

robin williams was the nicest, most compassionate celebrity I ever had the pleasure of knowing in person. personally saw him threaten to beat the hell out of some rando harassing a homeless person in the ocean district six or so years ago

— Dimsdale! (@caylenb) November 9, 2017

Kate McKinnon tips the baristas at a Turkish coffee shop in midtown extraordinarily well

— donate to my indiegogo please (@rachelmillman) November 10, 2017

Danny DeVito tipped $120 to have two cases of wine one delivered one block to his apartment.

— Kristaps Johnson (@megaclang) November 9, 2017

Beyoncé brings her empty glasses back to the bar 💖

— Felix Navidad (@felix_cohen) November 10, 2017

My friends stopped Matt Groening to say hi, but I thought "I'm not bothering him." Then he stopped ME to ask what my name was and if I made art and could he see it? Then wished me good luck! Above and beyond kind person.

— Tuesday Bassen (@tuesdaybassen) November 10, 2017

I see Andres Serrano having very friendly conversations with his doorman all the time

— Unelected bureaucrat (@ebrawley11) November 9, 2017

Chris Martin of Coldplay visits kids hospitals in every country he goes on tour with his band to. He spends hours talking to the kids, singing them songs, giving them presents and cheering them up. He's never spoken about it and we only know from social media posts from patients

— Shruthi 🍓 (@42dontEverLetGo) November 10, 2017

Stephen Merritt always tipped us at concessions when i was working at Film Forum

— eve peyser (@evepeyser) November 10, 2017

These stories are reminders that not everyone in Hollywood sucks and that you shouldn’t be rude because Beyoncé isn’t.

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