People Are Sharing Their Favorite Celebrity Encounters & They Will Warm Your Heart



Ever since the New York Times article about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and harassment was published an onslaught of other abusers in Hollywood have been brought to light. Every day a new person has come forward and said someone had harassed or assaulted them.

Needless to say, it’s been a lot. Not only have all the allegations shown how toxic Hollywood is, but it’s also very triggering for people who have survived harassment and assault.

Because the news has been so heavy, Twitter user @Bakkooonn tweeted asking people to share nice allegations of celebrities.

The crazy but endearing story starting rolling in and they will make your day. Some stories would start a whole new thread of nice things that person has done. Just proving even more that they are great people.

These stories are reminders that not everyone in Hollywood sucks and that you shouldn’t be rude because Beyoncé isn’t.

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