Bethenny Frankel Has Sent 54 Planes Of Aid To Puerto Rico

Bethenny Frankel may be known for her drama and antics on Real Housewives of New York, but the reality star is doing more good with her platform than most would think.

Frankel has sent 54 planes filled with supplies to Puerto Rico after it was devasted by Hurricane Maria. The category 4 hurricane has left the country in desperate need of help. A majority of the country was without electricity for weeks. A good amount of the country is still without electricity and water.

In an interview with the Observer, Frankel talked about her relief efforts and why she started sending planes to the island. But her charity work goes all the way back to 2016 when her charity B Strong partnered with Dress for Success.

This is what helped her provide goods to Houston after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey. But Puerto Rico was different because it’s an island. So she chartered a plane and filled it thanks to charities Global Empowerment Mission and and then her Puerto Rico relief started.

What started off with just one plane of supplies has turned into 54 planes of good to Puerto Rico. The plans carry meals, bottled water, diapers and medical supplies. Frankel also uses the planes flying back to the US for good too. She fills those planes with locals who need medical help and can’t receive it on the island.

Frankel uses her Twitter to outreach to fans and celebrities who have supplies or donations that they want to contribute. So many donations have rolled in that she is working on storing aid in a warehouse in Miami and will send a cargo ship to Puerto Rico with the goods. Her estimate is that the ship will hold around $50 million dollars of aid.

Frankel is using her voice and fanbase to help others. Knowing that she is super ambitious it’s doubtful she’ll stop until Puerto Rico is back on their feet again.

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