A Bride Surprised Her Stepson & Dedicated Part Of Her Vows To Him

Katie Musser recently married her boyfriend of four years, Jeremy Musser. But this wasn’t a traditional marriage,  Jeremy already had a son from a previous relationship. The two started dating when Jeremy’s son, Landon was only three weeks old.

In a Facebook post, Katie explained how the first year was so rough. She didn’t trust Jeremy, she didn’t get along with Landon’s mom Casey and the whole relationship was slowly unraveling. Katie took matters into her own hands and eventually she and Casey became friends. It didn’t happen overnight but the two worked to make the family work.


Katie and Jeremy struggled to co-parent with Casey and Landon’s stepfather Tyler. But Katie used her vows to recognize how far the two sets of couples have come. Katie’s full vows are a tear-jerker, so grab some tissues.

During Katie’s wedding vows she surprised Landon, Casey and Tyler by dedicating part of her vows to them. “I wasn’t just going into a marriage with Jeremy and needed his trust and respect, but I needed Casey and Tyler’s too,” she wrote on Facebook. The moment was super emotional.

The moment it truly heartwarming.

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