We’re Dying Laughing About This Poor Guy’s Wedding Photo Fail



By the time you reach adulthood, it’s essential that you’ve learned the basics of your angles. When taking a photo, you probably at least have some idea of how to position your face in order to avoid any mishaps. It all gets a little more complicated when friends or strangers are taking the pics, but either way, it’s always a welcome gesture for an actual, trained, IRL photographer to just take your picture. A photographer is trained to help you look good in photos, especially for big occasions.

For Mike Tague, this wasn’t true. In fact, it was the opposite.

Here’s what Tague looks like normally:

He’s a handsome guy, right?

Tague got all dressed up for a wedding with his boyfriend. When the pair attended the event, they noticed a wedding photographer snapping some photos. Little did they know just what those snaps would spawn.

Here’s the photographer’s unexpected creation:

Uh, how could this happen!?

Well, Tague definitely had some questions of his own, the first being, “DID I DO SOMETHING TO OFFEND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER?”

Luckily, he also had a sense of humor and didn’t mind laughing at his own misfortune. He even had the heart to turn it into a meme.

Twitter joined in on the fun immediately, and his tweet now has over 200,000 likes and over 57,000 retweets.

Twitter users had a few lookalikes of their own for Tague, including Jimmy Neutron and The Flash.

Twitter users also had a few conspiracy theories because what else is new?

More than one speculated that the photographer was crushing on Tague’s boyfriend and hoping to get him out of the picture… literally.

Well, if there’s a bright side here other than the hilarious tweets, it’s that Mike Tague probably knows his angles very well now. We’ll probably never see a bad photo of him again. Good karma.

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