LaCroix Fans Are Dyeing Their Hair To Match The Can Of Their Favorite Flavor

LaCroix fans are proving to be super dedicated to their favorite sparkling water. People are starting to dye their hair color to match their favorite LaCroix cans.

For people who aren’t familiar with LaCroix cans, the packaging is an ombré rainbow of colors. They’re weirdly perfect for hair inspiration.

According to Seventeen, the idea first started because a hairstylists loved the Melón Pomelo flavor. Since then LaCroix fans have been asking for various dye jobs to match their favorite flavors. The looks are colorful and far from boring.

The Pamplemousse hairstyle even included the small blue streaks that scatter the bottle.

The Berry hair looks so close to mermaid hair. It’s beautiful and matches the can perfectly.

If you want to get in on the fun, but don’t want to commit to bright hues then Coconut is for you. The gold and light blue can is ideal if you want to hop on the trend, but remain lowkey.

The Muré Pepino inspired hair is intense. The green and dark purple colors aren’t for colored hair newbies.

The Passionfruit flavor is the most colorful. It’s basically a rainbow!

If you can’t decide between a cool or warm colorway then Apricot is your flavor inspiration. The hairstyle fads from red to orange to teal to blue then finally ending in gray.

Cran-Raspberry is not surprisingly mostly pink with hints of blue and purple.

The LaCroix hair trend is equally hilarious and gorgeous.

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