La Croix Fans Beware Study Show’s Drinking Flavored Sparkling Water Isn’t Good For You

You may have swapped out your daily Coke for a daily La Croix, but it may not have been worth it. Yeah, the sparkling water has no calories and has more flavor than water, but turns out it may not be as good for you as you think.

Dr. Edmond R Hewlett, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, talked to Food Network about the negative side effects of sparkling water. Carbonated water isn’t great for your tooth enamel. There isn’t a ton of research on the topic yet, but because of the increasing popularity of sparkling water, you can bet dentists¬†are on top of it.

Carbonated water is just as acidic as soda. That acid erodes your tooth’s enamel, therefore, making your teeth more sensitive to temperature. The erosion can also¬†make cavities easier to get.

The reason why carbonated water is acidic is because your mouth turns the carbon dioxide bubbles into carbonic acid. Sparkling water isn’t as acidic as soda, but still, moderation is key for keeping your teeth healthy.

If you are truly obsessed with sparkling flavored water then maybe stray away from lemon and lime flavors. Lemon and lime have a high acidic content anyways and with the added carbonation it can’t be good.

This just proved that nothing can beat water, sorry! Water is king and there are no loopholes.

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