Nick Jonas Reveals Who Does His Laundry ‘With A Big Smile’: His Mom!


Michael Buckner | Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Nick Jonas may have skipped college for a life on the stage, but he is still a typical young adult. Case in point: his mama still does his laundry.

Concerning for a 25 year old? Yes.

Relatable? Also yes.

The singer told E! News that the first thing he does after a long stint on the road is get his clothes washed.

“Laundry—I ask my mom to do my laundry,” he said. “She does it every time with a big smile!”

Jonas added, “Now that her four sons are out of the house and have their own lives, any chance she gets to be mom again I think it’s a really nice thing for her.”

Wow, Nick. That’s what we would call a “spin.”

Since you’re worth about $18 million, your mama better have a real nice washing machine.

Jonas did also give his mom, Denise, some props.

“My mom makes a sweet potato casserole, which is incredible, and an egg casserole,” he said. “The casserole thing with her is on lock.”

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