Rita Ora Rolled Up To The EMAs In A Bathrobe & Twitter Loved Her Casual Look

Last night was MTV’s European Music Awards and the stars turned out for the award show, but it’s safe to say Rita Ora, who also was the host of the night, won the red carpet. The singer showed up to the EMA‘s in a terry cloth robe, a towel wrapped around her head, diamond necklaces and earrings and sparkly stilettos.

It was a LOOK, to say the least. Rita worked the red carpet in her cozy iconic outfit. She had her leg popped out like Angelina Jolie and her robe artfully draped off one shoulder. I can only assume that an obscene amount of bobby pins were helping her towel turban stay perfectly coifed on top of her head.

Rita really served us a hot look. Needless to say, everyone thought the robe was iconic. Even people who aren’t typically fans of Rita gave her props for taking cozy to a whole new level.

rita ora at the MTV EMAs is what i strive to look like when i snapchat someone post shower pic.twitter.com/ceHsjIuVxB

— cece ❣ 혜인 (@sassqueencece) November 12, 2017

‘After the Bath’ by Natori Shunsen, 1928 // Rita Ora walks the red carpet clad in a bathrobe, MTV EMAs, November 2017. pic.twitter.com/K9S4j7Znmg

— TabloidArtHistory (@TabloidArtHist) November 12, 2017


I know what il be wearing when I next go out 😂😂😂😂 @RitaOra #EMAs2017 #ema #EMAs #RitaOra pic.twitter.com/gE3dxYZlDc

— Rubyplume (@rubyplume101) November 13, 2017


RITA ORA AT THE #MTVEMAs IS WHO I️ AM ON THE INSIDE!!👏🏼👏🏼 @RitaOra pic.twitter.com/xucl87pHmr

— Erin Robinson (@ErinRobinson) November 12, 2017

okay, @RitaOra i like this. pic.twitter.com/NmDciCc8a4

— Farren Jean Andréa (@FUCCl) November 12, 2017

Rita Ora is smashing the Squidward look. pic.twitter.com/nv3f1sjefT

— Jordan Coombe (@Jordan_Coombe) November 12, 2017

Rita Ora, unbothered, arriving in a bathrobe and still looking classy….is how i’m trynna be y’all pic.twitter.com/IpAj58JEKL

— myra (@haiIeybaldwins) November 12, 2017

The next day on a well known British talk show, Loose Women, one of the hosts donned a bathrobe mimicking Rita. A sure sign that the bathrobe outfit is already iconic.

Rita changed her look multiple times while hosting, but none of the other looks stood a chance against her bathrobe.

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