This Teen Embraced Her Alopecia With The Help Of A Gorgeous Senior Portrait Shoot

Chelsea Taylor Photography

When I was younger I absolutely hated school portrait day. I was extremely self-conscious about my appearance. All the men and women in beauty magazines and ads looked so perfect. Their hair was gorgeous, their teeth were straight and their skin was flawless. Sometimes we forget that being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to look like a magazine advertisement. This girl gave us the most beautiful reminder.

Madisyn Babcock, 17, was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that attacks your hair follicles. In short, it causes varying degrees of hair loss. Babcock decided to use this opportunity to rewrite the standards of beauty. Instead of hiding her condition under a wig, she embraced it wholeheartedly by keeping her head uncovered.

Chelsea Taylor Photography

“I usually wear head covers due to the bald spots, so going entirely bald and exposing my head was new for me,” Babcock told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I decided to paint my head to raise awareness and to promote natural beauty.”

Natural beauty indeed. Her photos are absolutely stunning, and the carefully painted flowers on her head are gorgeous. Babcock’s mother was the one to design and paint the delicate flowers, which took hours of planning and drawing.

Chelsea Taylor Photography

Babcock enlisted the help of Chelsea Taylor to capture her beauty despite her condition. Chelsea Taylor is an award-winning photographer well-known for her stunning senior portraits, and for being featured in multiple beauty campaigns.

“We had worked together previously this spring, and I have been there through the process of her losing her hair,” Taylor said. “Madisyn has never once let any of this affect the way she sees herself – if anything I think she is stronger, braver and more confident than the day I met her.”

Babcock’s bravery and kind heart are perfectly reflected in her portraits. I have no doubt that she’s making huge strides in redefining the present day beauty standards.

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