5 Lyrics From Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ That Are Perfect For An Instagram Caption

Taylor Swift‘s sixth studio album Reputation was finally released November 10. Taylor hasn’t released new music in three years, but oh the three years were worth it.

Taylor has been posting reviews of the album on her Instagram and they’re glowing. Yeah, she may be biased, but there is no denying that Reputation is Taylor’s best work so far. Reputation is also Taylor’s most Instagrammable worthy album yet.

Swift’s album didn’t have a normal release. Reputation was not available for streaming the first week it was released, meaning that you had to spend your coins if you wanted to hear new Taylor.

Her strategy worked and Reputation has sold a million copies within the first five days.

The album isn’t as “bad girl Taylor” as lead on, but that is just good marketing. Reputation is a mixture of her speaking out about her tainted image in the media thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, how she recovered from that and how in the process she fell madly in love with Joe Alwyn.

The only way Taylor can convey all of that is through impeccable and articulate songwriting. Her lyrical ability is unmatched. We have to pay our respects to Queen Tay and even though it was difficult we picked our five favorite Instagrammable lyrics from Reputation. Go through the slideshow to see our favorite lyrics for Instagram.

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