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Taylor Swift‘s newest album, Reputation, is only days away from being released. Last night after the tracklist was leaked, Tay confirmed the songs and order of songs for the upcoming album. At first, everyone assumed this whole album would be about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The snake motif and lyric in her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” about a tilted stage made everyone think they had this entire album figured out.


But everyone was so wrong! Not only have the other singles from Reputation proved otherwise but according to her fans, the tracklist has spilled some tea too and the Kardashian West’s aren’t at the center of the entire album. Here is every fan theory that is rooted in Reputation’s tracklist.

The Ellipses

The first track on Reputation is “…Ready For It?” and the seventh song is “So It Goes…” and the ellipses didn’t go unnoticed. Fans think the album is divided into two parts and the ellipses signify the break in the album. The first half of the album is about her reputation and how it’s perceived in the media, while the second half is about her real life and who she really is.


This theory makes a whole lot of sense based on the singles she put out. The first two singles are from the first half and the last two are from the second half and the singles are vastly different from each other. The first two singles, “…Ready For It?” and “Look What You Made Me Do” are more aggressive and take jabs at the media’s representation of her. While the second singles “Gorgeous” and “Call It What You Want” sound more original Taylor.

Another thing that backs up this theory is that Taylor’s face on the album cover is only half covered in fake newspaper headlines.

Harry Styles

Did you think Haylor was over? It will never be over. The last track on Reputation is called “New Year’s Day” and fans have come to the conclusion that it’s going to be about Harry Styles. Dedicated Haylor shippers know that the two broke up while on a New Year’s vacation.

The two flew out to the British Virgin Islands to ring in the new year, but then they got into a terrible fight that ultimately ended their relationship. Sources confirmed that Taylor was so upset over the fight that she flew home early.

Fans who got to go to one of Taylor’s secret listening sessions have said that all the love songs on the album are about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. So maybe “New Year’s Day” isn’t a love song, but maybe a “Picture To Burn” type break up song.

Wedding Bells

While some fans believe “New Year’s Day” is about Haylor others are convinced it’s about Taylor and Joe getting engaged. Yeah, this theory is out there. Fans think the song will announce the couple’s engagement because fans from the listening session said they cried while listening to the track.


They also think the necklace she has, the one she references in “Call It What You Want” has more meaning than just a necklace and it’s actually an engagement necklace.


Now I don’t know Tay personally, but she seems more of a traditional gal to me. The type of girl who would want an actual engagement ring instead of a necklace of her beau’s name a la Troy Bolton from High School Musical. But that is just my assumption.

Sex Appeal

Fans are also convinced that “Dress” is a super sexual song. Like so sexual that Taylor’s mom Andrea and Label CEO Scott Borchetta walked out of the room when she played it. Like this song is supposed to be dirty, sexy and nothing like any song Taylor has written before.

A fan who went to a listening session confirmed that the song was ULTRA sexual. It was so sexy that the room was silent after the song played.


Taylor is grown and she is going to sing about it! Let’s hope this is true because I would love to hear Taylor sing a sexy song.

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