XXXTentacion Says That Migos Jumped Him & Pulled A Gun On Him

Looks like there’s some even deeper beef between XXXTentacion and Migos.

X, an artist known for looking like a heavy metal ghost and allegedly abusing an ex-girlfriend within an inch of her life, alleges that the three members of Migos, Offset, Quavo and Takeoff, jumped him, beat him and pulled a gun on him.

XXXTentacion posted a video explaining the incident on social media, saying the incident occurred in Los Angeles, California. In the video, he also claimed that he spared the trio any sort of altercation at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards, but said he’d take the “ass beating like a man,” which sounds like a very healthy way of dealing with things.

“They jumped me,” X said. “Nobody gave me the respect of a one-on-one.”

X claimed that he would retaliate, threatening that Migos would “lose money” as retribution.

He also posted a few things on his Instagram page, including a video of Takeoff allegedly running from him. X also claimed that he punched Migos’ bodyguard out of frustration.

He didn’t just leave it at that, though.

X also posted a photo of Cardi B, this year’s breakout rapper and Offset’s fiance. In the caption, he wrote:

“just letting u kno rn bae… i dont got no pressure witchu… i bump bodak orange when I shower… i love u.”

The caption is seemingly a dig at Offset’s partner, who topped the charts with “Bodak Yellow.” Somewhere, Cardi B is making a gagging noise at the mere thought of this man calling her “bae.”

Twitter immediately went into a frenzy upon hearing the news, posting memes and reactions to the incident.

Migos jumped xxxtentacion? Best band of all time for me, they’ve surpassed the Beatles now

— ‏ً (@DilIatronic) November 14, 2017

xxxtentacion: this is a one on one fight


— Pettywise 🤡 (@KayDeeMil) November 14, 2017

Xxxtentacion like that old man on spongebob that kept getting beat up.

— أسود (@NasMaraj) November 14, 2017

Migos pulling up on xxxtentacion like

— Moe (@MoeAlayan) November 14, 2017

Why’d Migos have to do xxxtentacion like that smh

— Cal~ (@ApocalypseAfc) November 14, 2017

The exact starting point of the feud isn’t clear, though it seemed to be when Offset jumped to Drake‘s defense after X accused Drake of stealing his flow.  “We ain’t even heard of you, shorty,” Offset said of X’s accusations.

The members of Migos and Cardi B have yet to respond to the allegations, though it doesn’t seem as though this argument is anywhere near finished.

Hopefully, there can be some sort of recourse in order to avoid any further escalation.

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