‘People’ Thinks Blake Shelton Is The Sexiest Man Alive








As time has gone on, our societal definitions of beauty have evolved. Our culture has been able to slowly embrace and celebrate diversity because it is not only a good, healthy thing, but also because it is a fact of life. Despite the era we’ve entered politically, 2017 has been a very marked year for racial inclusion and representation, particularly in Hollywood.

But if you’re interested in turning back the clock about 20-50 years when it comes to definitions of beauty, People has got your back.

The magazine named Blake Shelton its newest “Sexiest Man Alive.” Blake Shelton is a country singer who is indeed alive. Great.


To be fair, Blake Shelton seems like a very, very nice guy. He can be extremely amusing on The Voice and he also loves Gwen Stefani, which is something she truly deserves.

He even reacted in a very endearing way, laughingly saying he couldn’t wait to mention his title and “shove it” in fellow Voice judge Adam Levine’s face. It’s clear he’s not taking this whole thing too seriously.

That’s all well and good, but let’s be brutally honest here. If we’re going to be naming the sexiest man ALIVE on this planet, Blake Shelton being nice is not enough to score the top spot. There are so many men who are not only extremely attractive, but who are also working and successfully expanding our societal definition of beauty. Basically, naming an average-looking white guy the hottest guy on Earth just seems very coded and only seems to double-down on Hollywood’s penchant for celebrating white mediocrity.

There are so many other viable, deserving candidates.

For example, here’s Kofi Siriboe, this year’s big breakout star and an INCREDIBLY sexy man. He’s alive.


Check out Dev Patel, an award-winning actor. Alive!


And there’s Mahershala Ali, who won an Oscar while also being an above-average-looking man. He’s *Sia voice* ALIVE!


Of course, we have Drake. He’s done it all. Living legend. That’s right. Alive.


Again, Blake Shelton seems nice and he is also alive, but this just seems like a little bit of a setback, especially on the part of a magazine that seems to constantly normalize and pander to archaic political and cultural agendas.

Twitter took note of People’s little magazine or whatever and they had plenty to say.


There’s at least one person who thinks Blake Shelton is the hot AF, besides the staff at People.

Gwen Stefani is def excited to see her man on the cover.


Not to pull a Kanye, but Yeezy taught me: Imma let you finish but Kofi Siriboe is THE sexiest man alive!

There’s always next year.

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