Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal How They Prep For The VS Fashion Show

Do you enjoy following the latest fashion trends? Then you’re in luck. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 is scheduled to take place on November 28 in Shanghai, China. This particular event is famous for its stunning models and mesmerizing fashion designs. Some of the most beautiful women in the world will be walking that runway, so make sure to save the date.

But have you ever wondered how the VS Angels get ready for the big day? US Weekly spoke with the beautiful models about how they prepare their skin and makeup for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017.

1. What’s their pre-show hair care routine?

Comparing my hair with these models is like comparing a bird’s nest to a Greek statue. It’s just impossible for them to look bad. Somehow their hair stays shiny and stylish even in the worst weather. I bet their bedhead is equally as flawless. You’d think that they put a number of expensive products in their hair just before a show, but the models reveal otherwise.

“I just keep doing what I do, I really don’t change my routine at all before the show!” said Sara Sampaoi. “Just shampoo, moisturizer, and I’ll put some Morrocan oil treatment before drying.”

Alessandra Ambrosio, a VS Angel veteran, also revealed that she simply sticks to her normal hair care routine to keep her hair “shiny and healthy for the runway”.

2.¬†What’s the secret to healthy skin?

How do the VS Angels keep their skin soft and smooth? They take a bit more care here than they do for their hair, but it’s still not a huge process. Jasmine Tookes, who is walking her sixth show this year, reveals that she uses a number of clever tricks to keep her skin glowing both on and off the runway.

While traveling, Tookies will use “sheet masks for skin hydration on the long flight and brightening ones for [her] arrival”. As for regular care, she uses body oils and “Coolaser treatments at Epione in Beverly Hills for any pigmentation.”

The girls will occasionally use a body bronze or two, but some of them prefer to self-tan. Sampaio and Ambrosio in particular spend a lot of time outdoors, so their sun-kissed skin is au naturale.

3. What did they eat before the show?

It’s a bit of a controversial question these days, but we can’t deny that we’re curious. Luckily the models took it on the chin and revealed their pre-show diet. You’d be surprised that they don’t force themselves to survive on salads and nuts to slim down. In fact, the VS models admitted that they don’t change their diet too much before the show.

Lais Ribiero, who was chosen to wear the fabled Fantasy Bra, admitted “I don’t really change my diet. I do eat a lot of protein because it’s good health of muscles. That’s all I’ll eat every single day before the show.”

Some models, like Sara Sampaoi, were acutely aware of how their favorite foods weren’t exactly the best before a show, so they swapped them out for lighter choices. “I love pizza, bread and pasta, so I cut down on that and eat a lot of chicken, fish, fruit and veggies,” Said Sampaoi.

The most important takeaway here is that the models still maintain a healthy diet regardless of whether or not a show is just around the corner.

4. What’s their workout plan?

You won’t get bodies like theirs just by watching your calorie intake. I’d say the key to a healthy body is by working on every part equally. The VS Angels make regular trips to the gym and switch up their workouts for their toned builds. Sampaoi visits the gym four to five times a week.

When asked the specifics, Ribiero revealed that she starts toning up at least two months before a show. She also adjusts her work out by shifting between pilates, boxing and lifting every day.

5. How do they prepare for emergencies?

There’s nothing worse than breaking out right before a show. I remember having a rough experience with a bad zit right before a date. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if it happened right before a fashion show. Do the models have a dermatologist on emergency call or do they pack some pricey treatments on the go?

“Not really,” Josephine Skriver answered. “I like the classic ice to depuff and toothpaste for zits.”

You heard it from a VS Angel, folks. Home remedies really work.

Considering how the Victoria’s Secret Model’s look absolutely stunning on the runway, I’m still shocked that their care routines sound so…normal. In a good way, I mean. Maybe I’ll start hitting up the gym more often.

Make sure to tune in to watch the VS Fashion Show 2017 on Tuesday, November 28. You don’t want to miss it.

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