Lili Reinhart Was Once Rejected From Coldstone & Maybe Stars Are Just Like Us

Lili Reinhart may star as the whip-smart (literal) girl-next-door Betty Cooper on Riverdale, but her life was not always so smooth-sailing. As with many actors, before her big break, her job was far less glamorous: the on-screen high-ponytail aficionado was once even rejected for a job by none other than Coldstone Creamery.

*perks up*

If reading celebrities’ past stories of failure with the intention of making your own failures feel less crippling is a hobby of yours (as it damn well should be), Reinhart’s recent tweet will bring you a moment or two of comfort.

“I once applied to work at a Cold Stone Creamery,” she tweeted this week. “Had to watch a 2 hour video and then take a quiz and since I didn’t pay attention to the vid, I got a D on the quiz and this is the story of how I didn’t get a job at Cold Stone.”

Her tweet has amassed nearly 70,000 likes, and clearly, it is resonating with her fans.

The anecdote not only humanizes her, prompting a number of fans to relive their own harrowing stories of rejection, but it’s also inspiring. As co-star Shannon Purser noted, it’s the Pretty Woman narrative (“Big mistake. HUGE”) of not recognizing what is right in front of you until it’s too late. (See also: My Fair Lady. Made of Honor. Sweet Home Alabama. That DCOM about a pixellated girlfriend. Any ’90s movie with “I’ve been here all along” in the script).

Despite the career setback, Lili’s fans are in full agreement of one thing: it’s probably for the best she didn’t get the job. After all, her voice is likely better suited to future Pussycats performances (it’s only a matter of time) than singing for tips.

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