National Princess Day Is Upon Us, So Bow Down To These Royally Hilarious Memes

Who doesn’t love a good (or bad) princess? From historically bad-ass princesses to Disney princesses, there’s one out there for everyone. Let’s face it: we’re all princesses. Okay, more like queens, but we’ll use “princess” for the sake of this article.

In this society, princesses get a bad wrap because of the connotation with being bougie and dumb. But who said there’s anything wrong with being “bougie”? A princess knows what she wants and won’t stop until she achieves her goals. She also won’t take shit from anyone- man or woman. What’s wrong with wanting the royal treatment every once in a while, either from yourself or your partner? Do you, be you, don’t apologize for being a princess.

In honor of National Princess Day, celebrate accordingly with these funny memes that are sure to put people in their place if they dare question your princess status.

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