Ivanka Trump’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

What is a Thanksgiving table without a decorative clam large enough to comfortably seat an infant, white and teal pumpkins, pinecones, slabs of driftwood, and inexplicable amounts of twine collected from the backyard?

Ivanka Trump HQ shared a tweet on Thursday (November 16) offering decoration tips for a Thanksgiving dinner tablescape featuring all of the above. While the article (which was not written by Ivanka, though she received the brunt of the responses) calls the centerpiece “beautiful, bold and unexpected,” Twitter can only agree on the second and third adjectives.

“Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table?” the tweet read. “Problem solved.”


People have some questions (number 1, how dare you) ranging from where clams that massive could possibly be sold to if the miniature white pumpkins are meant to be served to why the Thanksgiving dinner is being served at… a kitchen island? (A valid question).

Read the best responses to the gargantuan decorative clam below.



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