These Are Joe Biden’s Favorite Memes Of Himself

When President Obama left the White House at the close of 2016, people consoled themselves by imagining Vice President Joe Biden plotting elaborate and childish pranks to pull on the new president-elect. These viral memes usually involved images of Joe whispering conspiratorially while Barry laughed or put his head in his hands in wary, if amused, resignation.

Now, the former vice president is confirming that the wholesome bromance the memes convey are “in essence… all true,” and that he and former president Obama “had that kind of relationship.”

As for his favorite of the memes, Biden likes the one poking fun at Trump’s birther crusade falsely alleging Obama was not born in the United States.

“Look, one of the ones I like the best, I said, ‘Barack,’ and I put in the drawer fake birth certificates,” he told NBC News in an interview.

“A couple of ones I liked were ones where I was trying on Ray Bans and he’s lying on the couch,” he continued, “and I turn around and I said, ‘Which ones do you like?’ And he looks at me and says, ‘Joe, Joe, come on, focus here.'”

“I still keep in close touch with [Barack], and my granddaughters and his daughters are each other’s best friends. They vacation together,” Biden continued. “You know, it’s family.”

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