This Is The Secret Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Jaw-Dropping Abs

Jennifer Lopez clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to working out.

At 48 years old, Lopez is looking as incredible as ever. While most women her age are sporting “mom jeans,” Lopez is appearing on the red carpet in cut-out dresses and figure-hugging gowns. How does she do it?

The star’s trainer, David Kirsch, told People that Lopez’s toned abs come from side-plank oblique crunches. “It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning, not only the obliques, but the entire core,” Kirsch said.

In order to do side-plank oblique crunches, position yourself in a side plank with legs extended and feet stacked. Place your forearm underneath your shoulder and the opposite hand behind your head. Rotate your torso by bringing your elbow towards your stomach and then return to the starting position. Kirsch said that doing 15 reps per side three times per week will have you seeing toned abs around two weeks later.

Lopez pretty much has it all when it comes to the entertainment industry. As a singer, dancer, actress and fashion designer, she really knows how to handle Hollywood and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The star just landed her latest fashion campaign as the face of the GUESS Jeans’ spring 2018 line.

GUESS co-founder Paul Marciano said, “Jennifer Lopez is a GUESS Girl’s dream! She is an accomplished artist, she is iconic and sensual. Jennifer’s impact and influence continue to grow and this campaign celebrates the notion that women get more beautiful and talented as they gain life experience.”

We’re definitely looking forward to everything J. Lo has to offer in the future. She only gets better with time.

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