Stay Safe This Black Friday By Enjoying These Memes & Remaining Indoors

Now that your food coma is over, the alcohol has worn off and you have shared with the world all that you’re thankful for, it’s time to join the stampede of shoppers searching for discounts in order to have more stuff to be thankful for next year.

I personally will not be joining in on the madness and I recommend you stay home as well for your own safety and stability, but I’m not judging if you’re one of the people lined up at 3:00 A.M. with pepper spray. Actually, maybe I’m judging a little. But hey, to each his own.

It’s kind of like the real-life Purge or something similar to The Hunger Games. Except Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson won’t be there. Honestly, forget the election, Black Friday should be the theme of the next American Horror Story. 

It has even transformed from a discount day to a full-on retail holiday weekend. Now we have Small-Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to add to festivities. But people actually die in these battles over flat-screen TVs and sneakers. You can check out this Black Friday Death Count website if you want to see for yourself. Shots fired, knives drawn and full out fist-fights over the new Keurig.

Stay away from the brawls, stay away from the malls and check out these memes.

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