Chrissy Teigen Called Out ‘Animal Crossing’ And Now Everyone Has Something To Say

Every time Chrissy Teigen tweets, it seems to go viral because she is just so perfect and hilarious.

She recently posted a series of tweets about The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that were a hit and now the star has shared her opinion on the game Animal Crossing causing a Twitter frenzy about the game. If you have never heard of Animal Crossing, it’s a video game where players live as humans in a world made up of animals and create their own life. The only point of the game is to live peacefully with these animals, but it’s super addicting.

The latest release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camplaunched last week and is made specifically for mobile devices. Although it’s an exciting release, Teigen was not happy with the game because it’s basically impossible to befriend the animals unless you fulfill these crazy demands like building furniture for the animals with materials you need to purchase.

The game is very materialistic especially since you can’t move up a level without doing these materialistic things.

She’s right though. I mean, who requires a homemade couch in exchange for friendship? Not someone I would want to hang out with, that’s for sure.

Other users seem to have some strong opinions about the game as well.

What do you think of the new game?

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