This High Schooler Hilariously Asked Normani Kordei To Prom & It May Have Worked

Prom is the second to last high school event before you step across the stage on graduation day. The big final high school dance is always significant in teen movies and shows. It’s like Cinderella going to the ball, except you’re wearing a flower pinned to your rented tux and a brightly hued taffeta dress. But still, it’s considered magical.

The biggest thing about prom is who you go with. No one will notice your hideous dress if your date is hot or famous.

Twitter user @GABELOWELL posted a hilariousย two-partย video of him asking Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei to prom. He knew that simply tweeting at Normani and asking her out wouldn’t cut it. Gabriel Lowell went above and beyond and created a hilarious video.

Gabriel uses hilarious snippets of Fifth Harmony’s songs like a real-life Mad Lip. Gabriel’s sarcastic and self-deprecating humor is so spot on that you don’t even need to be a Fifth Harmony fan to enjoy his promposal.

The best part is when he’s perched on top of the hood of a school bus and tells Normani that she can drink at all the after prom parties because she’s 21 and he’ll stick to water because he’s 17. Then he turns to the side, raises his eyebrows and gives a sarcastic nod while doing air quotes. I actually laughed out loud.

He ends the video by saying that he’s gay and isn’t even looking to date her. He’s just a big fan and wants to bring her to prom.

Fifth Harmony fans, Harmonizers, quickly jumped on Gabriel’s video. They loved it and tagged Normani in a bunch of tweets saying they approve of her going to prom with him.

His promposal video may have worked because Normani responded! That’s right, THE Normani Kordei quote tweeted Gabriel’s first tweet saying that she’ll DM him.

It isn’t confirmed that the two will be walking arm and arm on prom night, but still, this is huge!

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