Students Catch Teacher Doing Cocaine In Between Class

Washington Post

Charges were filed on Monday against Samantha Cox for possession of cocaine and paraphernalia. How did the cops know to search Cox for cocaine? Her students saw her snorting lines in between class.

Last Wednesday students at Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana saw Cox behaving strangely. She was acting so weird that one of her students, Will Rogers, filmed her through the glass of the classroom door.

In the YouTube video, you can see Cox hunched over in the corner of the classroom creating lines of something on a book. She then gets up, turns around, bends over the book and snorts the lines he just created.

In the video, you can hear the students watching ask questions like, “What is she doing?” and “Bruh, I think she’s doing cocaine.”

Rogers didn’t realize until watching the video again exactly what Cox was doing. Once he realized that his English teacher was doing coke in the classroom he told school administrators.

School authorities alerted the St. John Police Department and on November 22 they searched Cox’s classroom and her car that was also on school property.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the court record states that police found “a clear tightly twisted bag with multiple small rolled up pieces of tin foil.” Police also found a “rolled up small piece of paper” formed like a straw that is used the snort drugs.

When police searched her car they found a glass pipe, empty pieces of tin foil, opened plastic baggies and two more rolled paper straws. Cox told police that she bought $160 worth of cocaine before school.

According to the court record, Cox said she usually does her drugs before school, but was “feeling sick” and needed to take them right away.

Cox was posted on $945 bond.

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