Khloe Kardashian’s Hairstylist Is Revealing The Trick To Curling Your Hair Like Koko

Khloe Kardashian always seems to rock the textured, wavy look, whether it’s with long hair or her infamous lob.

Andrew Fitzsimons, the Kardashian family’s resident hairstylist, shared all of the secrets to Khloe’s signature curls with People and according to him, you’re probably trying to style your hair all wrong.

Fitzsimons prepares a section of Khloe’s hair with Alterna hairspray and takes the one-inch curling iron to the root of her head (not too close that you burn yourself, though!). The stylist then waves the top half of the section of hair but doesn’t continue twisting around the iron after the one turn. Alternatively, he unclips the iron and reverses it, so the bottom half of the hair curls in the opposite direction. This creates a more natural wave than the typical banana curl. Clever, huh?

The stylist continues with this strategy throughout Khloe’s locks, constantly switching the directions of the curls all over her head. The front section of hair is always done last, which he wraps into a pin curl after he takes the iron to it, in order to let it cool down. After unravelling the piece, Fitzsimons teases the roots to add volume.

He then sprays texturizing spray all over to add even more volume and finishes the look by applying a drop of oil and massaging it into the hair in order to add shine and texture.

Confused? That’s ok, me too! Check out the exclusive video from People here!

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