This Is The Woman Behind The Royal Engagement

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is pretty much a real-life fairy tale come true.

But there’s always once upon a time, so you’re probably wondering how these two met. The answer to that question is probably much more average and a lot less magical than you’d think.

The newly-engaged royal couple met on a blind date.

Yes, a blind date. There is hope for us all!

The incredible matchmaker, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, is a mutual friend of Prince Harry and Markle.

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Markle and Nonoo have been friends for a long time and frequently take vacations together. Nonoo’s former husband, Alexander Gilkes, went to school with both William and Harry. Nonoo allgedly suggested introducing her husband’s friend to Markle who only asked if this man she was going to meet was “kind.”

Kind? How about an English prince?

The blind date happened at Soho House in London. Prince Harry said that he knew Meghan was the one since the first time they met, which is just straight out of a cheesy romance novel, but nonetheless, still so adorable.

Although the couple initially wanted to keep the matchmaker’s identity a secret, it’s pretty clear to some dedicated sleuths that it was Nonoo.

In 2013, Nonoo was named on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list of influential young people. She was raised in London, went to school in Paris and is now a fashion designer in New York City. The designer was the first to debut a runway collection on Instagram back in 2015 and posted her autumn line on Snapchat the next year.

I’m honestly still a little stumped on the whole blind date thing. How was Markle unaware that she was about to go on a date with the actual PRINCE of England? Maybe we should all start going on more blind dates.

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