These Relatable Tweets About Hometowns Are Hilariously Nostalgic

We all have a love-hate relationship with where we live. The politics get us worked up, the weather blows, we might not live in the most exciting neighborhood, you name it. But visiting environments you’re not accustomed to might make you realize how much you appreciate staying where you are.

We tend to complain about our ethnicities being stereotyped but also can’t help but make fun of ourselves for them. The very things that are stereotyped about our cities, or nations, are what we use to represent and even defend where we’re from. Sick of people asking if you know a certain celebrity from your country? You might just be telling outsiders that they’re a close pal. Hate the signature food of your city? You’ll probably be telling others that it runs through your veins.

A recent Twitter trend had users bashing the US state they lived in but they then wrote the different story of what they say about it when they’re traveling elsewhere.

The trend elevated to the international level and it wasn’t just Americans who were speaking out.

Safe to say that we can drag where we live but if you’re not from that place, you don’t share that right. Home is still home and there’s nowhere else quite like it.

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