Chrissy Teigen Had The Best Birthday Party & We’re Sure Our Invite Got Lost In The Mail

November is over, and a lot of us are excited for the upcoming December holidays. However, one celebrity made sure to end November with a bang. For all those in the know (and those that aren’t), Chrissy Teigen threw a huge party for her 32nd birthday on November 30. Too bad it was invite only.

You have to wonder what kind of birthday party celebrities throw. Maybe they serve expensive champagne, or maybe they rent out an entire club to host the party? Remember, this is Chrissy Teigen we’re talking about. She’s bound to throw something quirky in the mix, and she definitely didn’t disappoint. She based her party on Pan Am Airways, one of the most renown airlines back in the 60s before it shut down in 1991.

Teigen even went the extra mile by building a mock airplane and an airport for the party. Naturally, guests dressed in 60s fashion, including permed hair, pencil skirts, pearls and scarves. Some of the men dressed in airline pilot uniforms and dapper suits. I’m looking at you, John Legend. Only you could pull off a paperboy hat and get away with a stylish look.

Instagram Stories / John Legend

Curious about who got an invite? After searching through social media, we found a few fashionable celebrities that made the list. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were dressed to impress, while Kanye West rocked a classy black ensemble. Shay Mitchell was also in attendance.

The night was full of fun activities. Guests played party games while dining on some quality food. They even had karaoke on the plane, which I’m sure John Legend hogged during the festivities.

Where was our invite? Just kidding. Even though we couldn’t attend, Kim was eager to post tons of photos and videos on her Snapchat. Teigen will never cease to astound us with her playful attitude and positive outlook. Just a week prior, she announced her second pregnancy alongside her daughter, Luna.

If this is what her birthday is like, I can’t wait until the baby shower.

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