Sophia The Robot Wants To Take Over The World But Became A Meme Instead

Sophia the robot has been making waves on Twitter lately but not because she is the first artificially intelligent citizen or said she wants to kill humankind, but because she doesn’t have a wig.

Hong Kong robotics company Hanson Robotics created Sophia and gets all of her brain function through the internet. Her facial features and movement are normal, but the big giveaway that she is a robot is that half of her head is metal and her hands are silver.

When she was on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon she was making jokes and one of them was about taking over the human race.

Sophia is more scary looking than she is scary.

If Sophia is going to wipe out the human race she better be dressed to impress! Now, Sophia the robot is a full-fledged meme and the tweets about her are hilarious.

If you’re wondering what Sophia looks like with hair it’s just as scary.

They could have given her normal hair and not mom hair. Hopefully, when Sophia takes over the world she has a better wig.

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