Twitter Is Living For These Twins’ Stunning Fitness Transformation

Around the holidays, workout motivation is at an all-time low. There’s the buffet of Thanksgiving dinner, the 24/7 Christmas cookie baking and the weather is just plain blah. It’s a perfect storm of anti-gymspiration, making it easy to stay in, stay warm and stay a little bit lazier than in the warmer months. What else are New Year’s resolutions for if not to just make up for the sins of the last month?

Well, if you’re craving some pre-New Year’s fitness motivation, these twins from Madera, California have got you covered.

Cely and Britt decided to show off their 11-month transformation with the help of a before and after tweet and the results are jaw-dropping.

The girls were gorgeous before, but what’s amazing is their dedication and the evidence of their hard work.

Immediately, Twitter users were stunned and their photo has over 38,000 retweets and over 230,000 likes only two days after it was first posted.

Cely, who tweeted the pic, made sure to show her sis some love by giving social media her username as well.

Twitter rallied around the twins, giving them messages of support and telling them that they were exactly the people they needed to inspire them to head back to the gym and focus on their health.

Britt and Cely decided to give the people what they wanted and created a fitness-based Instagram page, appropriately titled ‘Gym Twinz.’

On the Instagram account, they post their workouts, diet routines and inspirational quotes to get their followers going and feeling a bit more excited to head to the gym.

At a time when motivation is at its low, it’s always amazing to read about stories like these. Obviously, you shouldn’t throw away the Christmas cookies or skip out on the warm blanket cuddle sesh, but it’s all about balance and hard work. Britt and Cely are proving that.

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