The 3 Secrets To Staying On Track With Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season


November and December are both agonizing months when it comes to staying on track with our fitness goals. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, so do our crippling anxieties and fears about pumpkin pie temptations, being lured into having just one more glass of boozy apple cider and finally, destroying our entire year’s work of progress with just ONE slice of roasted turkey, a slice that will haunt the rest of your existence as the reason why your progress in the gym came to a drastic halt and your “dream body” became an unattainable, distant fantasy of the past.

TBH, that all sounds ridiculous, to say the least. We’re not cyborgs expected to perfectly track our macros and go to the gym 365 days of the year. One day spent consuming your body weight in apple pie isn’t going to stop you from achieving your fitness goals. We’re humans and we’re allowed to take a break from our healthy lifestyles and indulge a little. You can do so without restricting your diet and most importantly, without feeling guilty about indulging.

1. Plan your workouts first thing in the morning.

Let’s be real, the minute that apple pie smell starts to penetrate the house and your nostrils, you’re not going to want to go to the gym. That’s ok, but that’s why you should schedule your workouts first thing in the morning so you can just get them out of the way. You don’t have to go to the gym to get an effective workout in either. Fitness Blender has a ton of free HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts you can do at home in under 30 minutes.

2. Lift HEAVY.

Winter is the perfect season to bulk because indulging in all of these holiday treats will only help you put on some sexy muscle mass if you lift weights in the gym. We all know that a calorie surplus is needed to build a booty, and listen, NOBODY ever got a perfectly plum phat ass from restricting their calories and slaving away on the treadmill at the gym. Use the holiday treats as much-needed fuel for your muscles.

3. Indulge and don’t feel guilty about it.

LASTLY, you are not going to balloon up and f*ck up all the progress you’ve made by having one (or two.. or three…) slices of pumpkin pie. Enjoy your aunt’s mac and cheese bites or your dad’s savory collard greens and don’t feel guilty about it. These celebrations happen only a few times a year and as long as you’re being consistent with your workouts and eating habits throughout the rest of the year, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty for not eating clean two out of the 52 weeks of the year.

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