Cozy Up With These Memes For National Sock Day

Not all of us love socks. Some of us find them annoying, some of us think it’s weird to wear shower sandals with socks (high school throwback), and some of us purchase an insane amount of admittedly cute-designed socks from Urban Outfitters to pair with shorts and mini-skirts (a la BW). However, the one time of year socks become socially acceptable and, dare I say, fun, is around the holidays. Nothing beats receiving a pair of soft, fuzzy socks for Christmas, even though your inner child is bewildered. They’ll understand the joy of socks when they’re older.

If you’re a sock enthusiast, a sock-gifter, or someone whose pet loves to wear socks on their snout, these memes for National Sock Day are sure to make you laugh.

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