A 6-Year-Old Mini Grinch Wrote The Funniest Letter To Santa

When you’re a kid the holidays are magical because Santa comes in the middle of the night and leaves you presents. But not all kids believe in Santa and Sarah McCammon’s 6-year-old son certainly does not.

Her son was required in class to write a letter to Santa. Typically letters to Santa ask the jolly bearded man for presents and why they were good this year. But Sarah’s son is more of a Santa critic than a fan.

His letter reads:

Dear Santa,

Santa I’m only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is empty. And your good list is empty. And your life is empty. You don’t know the trouble I’ve had in my life. Good bye.


I’m not telling you my name

This little kid is not messing around, Santa! He knows your naughty and nice lists are fake and so are you. His life is hard, he’s six! He jazzed up his letter by drawing wreaths and skulls around the border.


If you’re wondering what “troubles” this six-year-old is referencing his mom explained. He’s complaining about his brother, classic sibling drama.

Clearly, he is the Grinch of the family. But Twitter loved the mini Grinch’s letter to Santa.


Sorry Santa, but we are rooting for this kid this holiday season.

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