Chance The Rapper Proved That His Clapback Game Is Unmatched

Chance The Rapper is not one to shy away from political issues. The rapper is notoriously always helping out his hometown Chicago. Chance retweeted an article from CBS Los Angeles asking if it’s okay for men to still hug women.

The article is ridiculous. Who knew that consent and not sexually harassing women are such a hard concepts to understand. The article also perfectly enforces another Internet joke of the creepy guy asking, “Hey, where’s my hug.” Chance quote tweeted the article saying, “Gross. Don’t.”

Some Twitter local named Joey responded to Chance’s tweet asking profound thought-provoking questions. “So we’re cutting off all human contact between the sexes not? Isn’t that Sharia law?”

How insightful. Chance clap backed at Joey and dragged him for his racist tweet.

Do not mess with Chance because he will come for you, obviously. Now the internet is coming for Joey and his problematic ways.

Joey was a good sport and responded back.

But sorry you are canceled, Joey.

It was not nice knowing you, Joey.

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