In Honor Of Saint West’s Birthday, Here Are 10 Times He Was Baby ‘Ye

Saint West is only the fresh age of two, but he is one of the most beloved of Kris Jenner’s grandchildren. His older sister North is the ultimate toddler fashion star, but Saint proves that when your dad is Kanye you will never have a fashion faux pas.

Saint has nailed the normcore athleisure aesthetic and he has been on this Earth for less than half a decade. It’s only a matter of time before he graces the cover of a magazine. North has two covers to her name.

In honor of Saint’s birthday, we are taking a look at when Saint was his alter ego Baby ‘Ye and nailed today’s best fashion trends.

His Instagram Debut

Is he wearing Yeezy Baby Season 1? We’ll never know, but we do know that Saint is one the cutest babies on the planet.

His Perfect Selfie

Saint may only be six months old in this picture but he already knows good light when he sees it. He’s also wearing all neutrals. A true combination of Kim and Kanye.

His Ode To The Red October’s

If you’re a Kanye West fan you know that the Red October’s are one of the most coveted Yeezy’s. Saint dressed in all red athleisure is how Kanye’s son should be dressing.

His Best North Impression

Kanye’s son is not a fan of being snapped, just like the rapper and his older sister North. The video of North screaming no pictures is iconic and so is the video of Kanye hitting his head on a street sign to avoid the paps. I guess none of Kim’s kids will follow in her legacy with a selfie book.

His Mommy And Me Outfit

A long sleeved mesh jersey and camo shorts to match his mom, it doesn’t get more ‘Ye than this.

His Take On Hype Beast

Saint’s streetwear game is unbeatable and he has Kim on his hip. Kanye has taught him well.

His Daddy And Me Outfit

The most fashionable first family of reality TV loves a fresh white button up.

His Pitch For His Own Adidas Line–6cFsan/?taken-by=kimkardashian

No one should be shocked that baby ‘Ye is decked out in Adidas.

His Perfect Casual Candid

Eating Pez candies and chilling by an animal exhibit while in his fresh foreign soccer jersey. Kanye would be proud.

His Best Look Yet

Saint is two-years-old and has nailed normcore. What can’t Sainty do?

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