Beyoncé Has A Long-Lost Twin & We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

As we’ve unfortunately witnessed on Love and Hip Hop and Flavor of Love, whenever somebody claims to look like Beyoncé, it is usually met with either cackling laughter, faces of profound confusion, or a mixture of both.

Case in point, Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore.

But alas, the internet has brought Detroit, Michigan native Brittany Williams to the spotlight for her eerie resemblance to Queen Bey. In fact, Brittany looks so similar to Beyoncé, that she says fans constantly harass her for photos and autographs.

“A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and began singing ‘Single Ladies,’ beating my friend’s car with the heels of their shoes until we rolled down the window and took a picture with them,” Brittany told DailyMail.

“I get approached all the time,” she continued. “Whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I’ve also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing.”

Brittany insists that the resemblance is nothing short of “coincidence” and that she doesn’t try to look like the singer.

Between the long, golden locks and the Jay-Z stand-in appearing in some of her photos, we beg to differ. Does the Beyhive approve?

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