This College Student Lost A Bet & Now Has To Wear A Christmas Tree Costume To Class

The holidays elicit mixed emotions. There are the certified Grinches and then there are people who act like they’re the reincarnation of Father Christmas. Kelsey Hall falls on the “loves the holiday season” end of the spectrum.

The University of Alabama student tweeted a photo of her in a Christmas tree costume saying, “1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester”

The tweet has well over 24,000 retweets. She told People that her mom got her the costume because she loves Christmas. She posted the tweet as a joke, but now it’s a reality.

After her tweet went viral she knew she couldn’t back out of her bet.

Kelsey quickly became a campus celeb at Alabama. People have been stopping her for photos and videos.

Even the school’s mascot Big Al tracked her down for a picture.

Kelsey is committed to the costume now. She even wore it when it was raining on day two.

It’s day three and she is going strong.

This is one way to spread Christmas cheer.

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