This Cancer Survivor & Her Daughter Posed For A Bald Photo Shoot

Facebook/Love What Matters

Kristi Tavenner survived breast cancer, a double mastectomy, four rounds of chemotherapy and breast reconstruction surgery. This all sounds difficult and scary especially for a mother of three. But what wasn’t as scary was when Kristi lost her hair from the chemo.

Kristi’s 7-year-old daughter Rose was diagnosed with alopecia¬†two years ago and has been bald for quite some time. Alopecia is when your immune system attacks healthy hair follicles, which leads to hair loss. On the day that Kristi underwent her breast reconstruction surgery her friend shared the photos she took of Kristi and her daughter Rose.

Facebook/Love What Matters

Even though Rose has wigs and hats she can wear she often opts to just be bald. Her bravery helped aid her mother during her chemotherapy. “I told her she was so brave, and I asked her how she did it, and if she could help me be more brave and feel more comfortable without a wig on. She looked me and said, ‘Momma, ‘You just do it,'” Kristi told Cosmopolitan.

Facebook/Love What Matters

Kriti’s photographer friend, Kellie Pizza of Kellie Rose Photography snapped portraits of Kriti and Rose when they looked like twins. Their bald portraits have since gone viral thanks to this Facebook post. The portraits are powerful and show two people going through two different diagnoses sharing solidarity.

When Kristi saw the portraits she was floored. “I thought, OK, I don’t look horrible. I think I look pretty and Rose looks gorgeous and together we look happy and strong.”

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