This House With 100,000 Christmas Lights Wins This Holiday Season

Christmas is a holiday full of many traditions one of them being Christmas lights. Some people will go for the simple and elegant white lights trimming their house, while others prefer a more flashy set up of huge blowups on their front lawn.

Then there are the professionals who have a theme, spend hours putting up lights and even sync their lights to music. Sami Hajjar does it better than anyone. His house in Montreal, Canda is strung with 100,000 Christmas lights this year and has become a landmark. His house has it’s own geotag on Instagram because so many people visit his display.

According to Buzzfeed, Hajjar has been decking his house with lights for 12 holiday seasons, but this year is the biggest if all. Last year he strung 15,000 lights, but this year he has 100,000 lights. That’s almost seven times more lights than last year.

This year’s lights took him 300 hours to put up and cost him $50,000. He took time off from work to make sure the project got done.

Hajjar’s Christmas lights this year are based on the hit movie Frozen. His house is decked in icy blue lights and his lawn is lined with inflatable Olaf’s from Frozen. On the balcony above his doorway is a cutout of Elsa overlooking the glowing yard.

The lights are even programmed to popular holiday music and of course music from Frozen.

Hajjar really went all out this year. It’s going to be hard to top this display come next Christmas.

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