This Model Started A Body Positive Hashtag For The Best Reason

The modeling industry is notorious for photoshopping and airbrushing models so they look like unrealistic versions of themselves. Slowly companies and models are standing up to unrealistic body standards. Model Talmesha Jones is part of the body positive movement.

She started the hashtag #TigerStripesOnATuesday encouraging woman to show off their stretch marks. After she gave birth to her son she was less than confident because of her tiger stripes.

“It made me very self-conscious. I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror. When I did, I would just cry and sob about it,” she told the Daily Mail.

But after Talmesha accepted her stretch marks and her new post-baby body she wanted to help other women feel as confident. That’s why she started the hashtag #TigerStripesOnATuesday.

So every Tuesday she’ll share a story of a different woman on her Instagram and how she got her stripes. The stories have been rolling in and her hashtag has proved to be powerful for women.

She told the Daily Mail, “I’m trying to teach people that it’s more than just a mark. I’m trying to teach people that it’s absolutely beautiful.”

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