Kristen Bell’s Kids Have Literally No Respect For Princess Anna

Ask any sister duo which one of them identifies with Princess Elsa and which with Princess Anna, and they will be ready with an answer — but Kristen Bell’s two daughters both have a strong preference for one Frozen princess over the other.

That is a sugary-sweet way of saying that the actress’ two daughters, 4-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta, have no respect whatsoever for the willful and adventurous Princess Anna, who just so happens to be voiced by their mother.

Bell posted a snapshot to Instagram Saturday (December 9) of an ornament of the two princesses balancing on a snowflake-shaped shard of ice together — as Anna’s head rests at her feet, decapitated in a clean cut. It actually kind of looks like Elsa is looking on in horror at her sister’s bleak fate, but I may be giving these kids too much creative credit.

“This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled ‘My Children Keep Me Grounded,'” Bell joked in the caption.

It could have been an… accident?

Maybe the self-serving, snappy Eleanor inĀ The Good PlaceĀ will be more their speed.


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