These Memes About Finals Will Leave You Unsure Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Finals week is the week every college student dreads. It’s the week where you just don’t care anymore and are that person who wears a Pikachu onesie to class for the whole week. You haven’t showered or brushed your hair. You can’t remember the last time you had a meal that wasn’t Redbull or Starbucks or Five Hour Energy. When someone in the hallway asks how you are, you point to the bags under your eyes that unfortunately aren’t Chanel, and the person who asked nods either in empathy or backs away slowly. The library has become your living space and you’re ready to confront that person who just took your studying alcove. I mean, who DOES that? What happened to respect? GET YOUR OWN STUDY SPACE!

Finals week is where you put all your unused absences into action or are so late to class that you decide to get Starbucks on the way (who is actually still teaching new lessons during FINALS? MONSTERS!) because you just can. It’s also the week where you put your strategic cognitive skills into action and skip your lit class to do your 13 page psychology paper that’s due that afternoon (or was due that morning).

If you’re like me and have or had a job at school while being a student, you’ll know that by the end of finals, you’ll look a mess and be ready to have Michael BublĂ© and Mariah Carey sing sweet Christmas tunes in your ear while you cry into your pillow, hoping they’ll send you into a deep sleep. I used to work as a peer tutor/receptionist for my university’s Writing Center and cried internally (or externally, letting my tears fall into my bowl of Hale and Hearty) when it was Hell Week. Bunches of students rushed into the center, demanding we help them with their bio or lit paper that was due in the next ten minutes. My favorite peer-tutoring question will always be “We don’t have anymore time? Come on, there’s only six pages left!!”

Oh No Baby Meme Funny

Try to stay strong and carry on with these finals week memes that may crack a smile on your zombie-face.

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