This Little Brother Thought His Sister’s Wrestling Match Was Real & Tried To Help

Daily Mail

This toddler already has a firm understanding that blood is thicker than water. He was attending his older sister’s wrestling match and thought she was in a real fight.

So what did the little brother do? He ran onto the mat to help his sister. He thought she was in an actual fight and wanted to save his sister.

The crowd starting laughing and clapping when the little boy jumped on his sister’s opponent.

His dad ran out behind him and with the help of the referee they successfully pulled the boy off the opponent and carried him off the wrestling mat. After the ref chuckled he reset the match so the girls could start over.

The girls got right back to business and continued wrestling. Meanwhile, the spectators were still dying over the little brother’s actions. It’s good to know that this boy is ride or die for his sis.

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