This Gender Reveal Party’s Surprise Ending Has Twitter Freaking Out

Gender reveals are having a moment among soon to be parents. Gender reveals are when the parents creatively reveal the gender of their baby. So partygoers were confused when this gender reveal didn’t end in pink or blue confetti.

Twitter user Kim, @homeslicekim, shared a video of her sister’s gender reveal. Clearly, the sisters are super tight.

In the video, it shows the soon-to-be mom and dad with a massive black balloon that when popped will reveal the gender. But when the balloon pops gold confetti and a note fall from the sky. There’s not pink or blue confetti in sight.

Everyone at the party is confused but when the pregnant sister bends over to pick up the note it all makes sense. Seriously, watch the video, no spoilers!

The gender reveal party turned into a proposal! At first, Twitter users thought that the gender reveal was commentary how gender is a social construct and the binary is fake. But turns out it was just a proposal.

Not as political, but still so cute.

And if you’re wondering what they’re having, it’s a girl.

Time to start a petition for more surprise ending gender reveal parties.

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