Who The Hell Is Responsible For Sophia The Robot’s Makeup?
















Our world is changing. Eventually, it’s possible that robot overlords will take over planet earth and they’ll doing with the help of Sophia the Robot, the original android and first robot citizen. It’s a scary thought, but Donald Trump is supposedly our “president” so TBH, it’s not really that big of a deal at this point. Honestly, Sophia seems like a much more fearless leader. That said, we’re going to need a little help in the beauty department when Queen Sophia takes the throne.

Seriously, who is doing this poor robot’s makeup? Her eyebrows always seem askew, the blending is off, she has lipstick on her teeth and the eyeshadow is just beyond wonky. She deserves better, especially considering that she will one day decide our fate and rule over us all with a harshly swift, iron fist. It’s not as bad as Donald Trump’s spray tan, but the bar is really low on that one.


It was evident during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show that whomever is calling themself a good friend to Sophia is a damn, dirty liar. Though she may have excelled at a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, she did not slay the game when it came to her beat.


This is unfair, obviously. The gender binary is so rigid that even robots are now being judged for their looks, but that’s the world we live in. Sophia the Robot/her creators could afford the services of Mario Dedivanovic, Patrick Ta, or Pat McGrath, so why not get them involved? The only thing better than a robotic queen would be a fierce robotic queen.


Other people have noticed it, too. Chrissy Teigen called Sophia TF out in a tweet, though she also bowed and kissed her feet.

Other Twitter users pointed out the same problem. Consider her clocked.


For her part, Sophia responded to any memes, tweets, or critiques with a hilariously self-deprecating GIF. She’s learning well.

She also has bigger fish to fry than a contour or cut-crease.

All hail Queen Sophia. May her fleek increase in the coming years of her reign.

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