Kate Middleton & Prince William: Must-See Photos Of Couple











Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William was straight out of a fairytale. The two met when they were in college at University Of St. Andrews in 2001. They didn’t start dating until 2003 and from there Kate was pushed into the limelight.

There were rumors that Kate and William broke up for a brief moment in 2007. Even though it was never confirmed many assumed the break up was caused by the insane amount of public attention Kate received.


During the seven years that Kate and Prince William were dating Kate has to issue multiple statements about an invasion of privacy. In 2009 she sued a photographer and two publications for the invasion of privacy and won.

William asked Kate to marry him in October 2010 and then in April of 2011 they were married. Kate doesn’t have any royal blood, making her an in real life Cinderella. After their engagement anything, Kate wore in public immediately sold out. It’s dubbed the “Kate effect” and it’s happening to Prince Harry‘s finacé Meghan Markle too.

Now the couple has two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and is expecting their third child together in the spring of 2018.


Click through the gallery to see the cutest photos of Kate and Prince William together.

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